Drink Coasters: Protection to Stain-Proof Your Furniture

Drink Coasters: Protection to Stain-Proof Your Furniture

With the holidays right around the corner, planning get-togethers and dinner parties is a big thing if your home is the designated destination. The cleanup is a pain—especially when tables are involved. I remember my family members cringing, thinking about all the dishes they would be left to wash, but they worried more about the damage to their furniture. You can prevent disasters, recover quickly, and provide protection to stain-proof your furniture with Drink Coasters.

Plan Ahead of Time

Planning and adding a touch of style makes for conversation and gives your guests a reason to "use" what you laid out. Drink coasters come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be used for parties, weddings, or as a housewarming gift for friends moving into a new home.

Maybe you have collectibles or particular about anything on your coffee table. Whatever your reason, we have some great design ideas to help keep the attention on your coasters and stains off your furniture.

For Cat and Dog Lovers

Our Cat and Dog Drink Coasters come in realistic portrait designs we guarantee will delight your guests with your 4-legged family members. You can choose from Round or Square coasters to place around the house for your guests to enjoy.



Fruit and Coffee Aficionados

If mom is the matriarch of the family and what she does in her kitchen is her rule, why not add a touch of color with our Fruit Coasters to bring some color to brighten up the room? And who cannot start their day without a cup of joe? Our Coffee Drink Coasters start that early conversation when we need Coffee the most!



Holiday Coasters

Fall is near, and Halloween decorations are already springing up in your local stores. If you're planning for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, start decorating early with our Spooky Halloween Coasters that will make your guests take a second look - while putting their Drink on your coaster!



As every detail counts when planning a party, guests will "ooh" and "ahh" over the attention to detail you put into each aspect of your home. What you get in return is no spills, stains, and circles left on your furniture.