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Drink coasters don't have to look dull. We make bar coasters look fantastic, and your table will look good too! And for that reason, we place great value on functionality, design, and usefulness.

California - 2022

Welcome to California Coasters! Hi! We're CA Coasters and the crazy creators behind this eclectic collection of Bar Drink Coasters. We started CA Coasters in 2022 when we fell in love with having morning tea with our bestie Jennifer.

Tea or coffee was never part of our routine, but we loved the unique designs around morning tea and how pretty we could create fun themes to make it even cuter. California Coasters was born, and we're on a mission to protect what matters to you most - your stuff!


Pumpkin Witch Car Coaster
Green Zombie Car Coaster
Pumpkin Surprise Car Coaster
Pomegranate Drink Coaster

It is so cute and looks great in my car. I got 3 car coasters as gifts and cannot wait to buy more for the holiday.

Erica Garcia

Thank you, Sonia, for your kind message! I ordered (2) summer-style coasters. My daughter loved the surfer girl coaster. The colors are beautiful and bright, and the quality is superb. My other coaster fits in nicely with our living room decor. I will be back to order more for Christmas gifts.

Lisa A. Smith

This came out scary cool!The colors are so vivid and the material is very nice. Thank you!!.

Erica Garcia

They look great in my living room and happy to show them off to my guests.

Lisa A. Smith

Got this for my mom and she loves it. Thank you much for the fast shipping and pretty car coasters!

Erica Garcia

I received these as a gift and they are beautiful. I will be sure to buy more for the holiday season.

Dana W.

Why California Coasters?

  • Personal Service

    Personal Service

    California Coasters understands the importance of delivering beautiful products on time. All orders are handled with the utmost care by us. We know you have a choice, and we'd like your option to be us!

  • We value you!

    We value you!

    We're passionate about protecting what matters most to you - your furniture, car cupholders, or where ever you will use our products. That's why at California Coasters, when you smile, we smile.

  • Unbeatable Quality

    Unbeatable Quality

    We've researched and experimented with styles and production methods, and we can confidently say that we offer superior quality and consistency every time. Your furniture and cup holders will be clean and dry.